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Babelnet Pro on-premise

Need to have all company communication on-site and fully under your control?

Connect Babelnet to Active Directory, integrate with company applications and manage via web interface to ensure you have the highest level of secure and encrypted communication and data transfer.

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Babelnet Pro cloud

Prefer to utilize
Babelnet as a service?

Protect your communication against wiretapping and interception, managing it complexly and securely in the cloud via web interface whilst preserving the integrity and protection of transferred data as well as creating and managing client, partner and external collaborator accounts with ease.

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Supported functions
Babelnet Pro
Babelnet Pro
Basic pricing Contact us Contact us
For commercial use Yes Yes
End to end encryption Yes Yes
Encrypted phone calls Yes Yes
Babelnet on-premise server Yes No
Import of users’ accounts from LDAP / AD On-line Off-line
Synchronization of directories LDAP / AD Yes No
API integration with 3rd party applications Yes No
Group messages Yes Yes
Sent, Received & Read receipts plus message autodelete capability Yes Yes
Maximum attachment size 2 GB 2 GB
Encrypted text messaging on cell phones Yes Yes
Mutli-device capability (including a cross-platform combinations Android, iOS, Windows, macOS) Yes Yes
Identity of user is verified according to company standards Yes Yes
Groups Yes Yes
Personalized self-administration web pages for users Yes Yes
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* Please contact us for individual pricing should your number of users be over 100.
** Minimum subscription period is 12 months.

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Babelnet Pro on-premise

Babelnet Pro on-premise provides the highest level of control over the security of the communication running via your corporate servers. Benefits are the ability to connect to corporate directories (LDAP, AD) for synchronizing accounts, authentication and easy integration with corporate applications such as DMS, CRM and HR for automated sending of encrypted data and documents – all in encrypted mode. If you’re running your own ICT infrastructure and need the safest possible communication, then this is the Babelnet version for you.

Babelnet Pro Cloud

Babelnet Pro Cloud is designed for business users who need secure and encrypted communication but do not want to purchase, install and manage their own server and network traffic, or are not authorized to change network settings and/or add new internal servers and services. With Babelnet Pro Cloud there is no need to worry about your own hardware, server licenses and updates. This cloud server is dedicated to your business and is not shared with other customers. Only you have full administrative control over the server through the web application. Integration with corporate infrastructure and applications can be restricted depending on the communication security settings between the customer and network provider.


The Babelbox is the smallest encrypted communication server in the world. It is the ideal solution for companies that want to benefit from the maximum level of security provided by Babelnet On-Premise and do not want to host in the cloud, but either do not have a suitable on-site server or do not want to deal with installation issues. The Babelbox is a compact and efficient mini-PC comparable to the Intel NUC or HP PRODESK mini PC and comes preloaded with everything you could need - Linux, Java, Openfire XMPP server, PostgreSQL database and the server edition of Babelnet Pro On-Premise. The Babelbox does not need to be attached to a monitor or keyboard, as all configuration and management is undertaken by your IT administrator via a web interface. The Babelbox is equipped with a SSD drive, LAN / WiFi network connection to your corporate network and optional LTE USB modem for mobile data connectivity. The Babelbox - just connect it to your network, turn it on and start communicating securely.

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