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Babelnet instantly provides cross-platform encrypted communication between computers with Windows or MacOS and mobile devices with iOS, Android and BlackBerry – independent of location and connection type.


Babelnet is quickly and easily installed into mobile devices or computers for personal use and in corporate networks or the cloud for business use, delivering instant safe communication and transfer of data. Corporate installation allows for complex supervision, integration and user administration.


Babelnet combines strong cryptographic algorithms and protocols to ensure authenticity, integrity and privacy of communication and sending of documents between computers and mobile devices.


Babelnet supports easy integration with third party applications such as document, customer or mobile device management systems, ensuring automated and secure transfer of data, information, documents and files between business applications and users.

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RNDr. Vlastimil Klíma

“Babelnet utilizes modern cryptographic know-how, applying the right strength of cryptographic techniques. A thorough review of the cryptographic design did not uncover any weaknesses or errors from a cryptographic standpoint with Babelnet’s developers applying state-of-the-art processes and know-how. I would not hesitate to entrust sending confidential data with this platform.”

Dominik Pantůček


“Babelnet fulfils today’s demanding requirements for data safety, utilizing the latest in secure ciphers. The application as a whole can be considered secure as described by the producer.”

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